new territory: the baby registry


Sol working hard...testing nursery chairs!


Saturday we braved the stormy day and headed to BabiesRUs, our local overwhelming baby superstore to set up our baby registry. Wow, we had a lot to learn! I had polled my Facebook friends, done a lot of research and had a list tucked in my pocket and thought I was prepared to venture in to the new land of baby gear. Sol took charge of the little gun, and I managed the list that I had brought in addition to the list of stuff THEY think you need (which is obviously wayyyy more than you actually need) and we developed a strategy of attack around the store. We started in the toy section, not because that was the most important but because it geographically made the most sense in our plan of attack. I had read that you receive a lot of books and toys anyway, so those shouldn’t be a priority to register for, but they are so much fun! Sol and I spent quite awhile testing toys, although it was difficult to distinguish if Sol thought we should scan it because he thought our daughter would like it or because HE wanted to play with it! (Yes, we are registered for baby bongo drums…haha). We picked a few things in that section and then headed to the blankets and swaddlers.

Me: “Um, it says that we need 4-6 receiving blankets”

Sol: “What’s a receiving blanket for?”

Me: “Um, I don’t know, receiving?? Just scan 6 of them, we can Google it when we get home!”

There were several more of these conversations throughout this experience, including when we were standing in front of the wall of 30 types of bottles discussing low-flow and medium-flow nipples, and in front of the humidifiers discussing gallon size and warm or cool vent.

We circulated around through the chairs, strollers, car seats, kitchen stuff, high chairs, breast pumps, etc. etc. it all becomes a blur around this point. Towards the end and several hours later we were both tired, hungry and bleary eyed. It actually works out, me pregnant and hungry equals about the same level of patience as Sol regularly hungry so we were ready to bail simultaneously. We left having no idea what we had gotten, if we needed it or what we were missing! After I had some food and a few hours of rest at home, I got online to see what we had ended up with. We actually did pretty good, although I did spend a couple of hours online later that night checking through my list, deleting things we didn’t need and adding a few things that we had missed. I also swapped out a few in-store things for a few only-online things that I liked better. I am now fairly certain the registry is complete with awesome gear for miss baby K, although they told us not to register for clothes until 2 weeks before the shower to make sure they have everything in stock so at some point we will have to venture back in to the baby super center. Check out what we chose if you want to, try to guess what half of the stuff is for…I am still trying to figure it out! lol


One thought on “new territory: the baby registry

  1. I highly recommend a rocker from Walmart! Much cheaper than Babies R Us (and looks the same). Easy for a grandma to assemble. Not to mention Lawler has spent most of his short life in the rocker, and he like it.

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