Week 19

Well, I think it is safe to say that this week I POPPED! Last night I told Sol that I felt huge and could swear that my bump had doubled in size over the last few days, he laughed at me but when I looked at the week 19 picture next to the week 18 picture, I think it’s totally true!

Also in big news this week, I finally felt Baby K move! It’s strange to wait and wait for something that you don’t know what it feels like, especially when your body and your digestive system are doing all kinds of other crazy things too, but last night I KNOW that’s what I felt. I was laying in bed very very still and I distinctly felt a movement against the inside of my belly like something was brushing horizontally against me from the inside. Today I felt some little “pokes” or kicks from the inside in a certain spot that were very faint but very distinct. Now I want to feel her moving around alllll the time! I like the constant reminder that she is swimming around in there. Tuesday we get to have our 20 week appt. and ultrasound, I can’t wait to see our little girl again. More pictures of our little lady to come!


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