Baby Kamman 20 weeks: We’re halfway there!

Today we had our big 20 week ultra sound and got to watch Baby Kamman in action, and WOW, was there a lot of action! This was a very special ultra sound because we got a very comprehensive tour and explanation of all of baby Kamman’s parts. We got to see a close-up of her organs, her brain, stomach, kidneys, bladder, and heart (which we could clearly see pumping and opening and closing in all the right places!) and they even can highlight how and where all the blood is flowing around. We also got to see her little feet, legs, fingers, arms, spine, tummy, skull and lady parts.

She is adorable already and watching her move around in there I know I am already in love. When we first started, she was bobbing her head in a very distinct “rocking out” kind of way! She then proceeded to flip over several times, stretch her legs all the way out and curl up, swing her arms around, do bicycle kicks square on my very full bladder and we even got to see her yawn a few times (one of which she covered her hand! OMG I melted!) I can’t wait to have her come out and see her do all these cute things in person. We then saw our doctor that gave us the report, and she actually used the phrase “things couldn’t look better!” Everything is working properly and in exactly the right place, and our little girl now weighs 1 pound. I can’t believe that it took 20 weeks for her to be 1 pound and in 20 more weeks she will be 7 to 8 times heavier than that! (Hell, who am I kidding, Sol and I were both almost 10 pounds…that’s a very real possibility for our little lady).

Her due date is still March 24th, but according to her measurements it is more likely she will arrive around the 29th (which I kind of figured because I was ovulating super late) so my March 30th b-day mom might get a grand baby for her birthday! We are so excited about our great report and can’t wait to meet our beautiful, healthy little girl in 20 more weeks.


Our little girl's cute little profile



Confirmation of her lady parts!



Little foot! To fit in all of the cute shoes she has already been getting!



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