Week 20

Halfway there!

The halfway point has brought some new fun pregnancy related developments:

-My belly button is significantly less deep than it was before. It’s still an innie, but just a real shallow one. I have a feeling it will be an outie very shortly!

-I noticed in the shower this morning that I am already having to lean forward slightly even to see my feet anymore. Little does Sol know he will soon be helping me shave my legs…lol.

-WICKED heartburn! (And yes, say it like you are from Boston) I guess it is a very normal pregnancy thing but I’ve never had heartburn before and it’s extremely uncomfortable. The doctor said I can only eat bland foods or take tums….so, Hello Tums!

– Last week I went shopping in hopes to find 2 dresses, 1 for the wedding I was going to last weekend and 1 for the wedding I am going to this coming weekend. After a very frustrating shopping experience I found 1 cute one that fit me, and in a very un-like me way I am going to have to wear the same dress to both weddings because I can’t handle the frustration of trying to find a second one.  I am in an awkward “nothing I own fits me but maternity dresses are like giant potato sacks still” phase. There was a lot of sad lips and sighing in the dressing rooms of all of my favorite stores. Luckily the dress I found is now part of a SUPER cute outfit with hot shoes, Sol said “I was the hottest pregnant chick that he’s ever wanted to….” well, I can’t finish that sentence but it made a certain pregnant chick’s day!

-Lots of moving!! I can’t feel her from the outside yet but I can definitely feel her from the inside. The doctor said my big cushy placenta is laying right on my abdomen so it might take awhile to start feeling her from the outside. I can’t wait to grab Sol’s hand and let him in on the action!


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