kiwieee’s new shoes

After having my awesome car with it’s awesome tires for 3 and a half years, I finally had to replace them. It was actually pretty depressing. I decided that tires are the lamest and most joyless way to spend a lot of money. Usually when you spend 600 dollars you get to go home and play with a new toy or gadget, get a comfy new piece of furniture or go on a cool adventure but no, no joy at all. I expressed this to the guy at the cash register while reluctantly handing him my debit card and he felt bad for me and gave me a tire pressure gauge to play with saying, “here, you can go home and play with this!” Um, thanks but no thanks. Tires are going into my top 3 joyless ways to spend money along with insurance and cavity fillings.

On the bright side, these are significantly safer than the bald tires that I have been driving around on for the last couple of months, and the new “aggressive tread pattern” (as Sol calls it) will be perfect for snow driving in my little mountain mosher. Oh, and they’re shiny.


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