Sol’s balls

(Not as dirty as it sounds!)

Sol’s cohort had a Christmas potluck and he was assigned to bring a dessert. While subbing at Buckeye he ran into Ann North, a sweet retired teacher who still visits there often to prune the roses and deliver treats, and she gave him the recipe for one of the treats she is most famous for: orange coconut balls. He came home with a recipe and an inspiration for a delicious and easy dessert.

Side note: This isn’t the first time he has traded recipes with elementary school teachers and I think it’s pretty much the cutest thing ever.

The orange coconut balls are easy, require no baking and are DELICIOUS! (Not healthy, at all, SO worth the splurge!) I enjoyed them courtesy of Ann many many times in my years at Buckeye. They can also be made with lemonade or limeade concentrate for a delicious twist. When Sol said he was making them I got really excited and spent the whole day pestering him about when he was going to make his balls and when I was going to get to taste his balls…(a la Pete Shweddy SNL routine), all while giggling like a 12-year-old, yes, I know, I hang out with middle schoolers too much.

Orange Coconut Balls

1 stick butter

1 box of powdered sugar

1 box vanilla wafer cookies

6 oz of frozen orange juice concentrate (or lemon or lime)

1 bag flake coconut


Soften butter, un-thaw orange juice

Grind cookies into crumbs. Add powdered sugar, mix together

Mix together with butter and orange juice mixture

Form into small balls and roll in coconut

Refrigerate and enjoy!


Week 27

This week she has been on the move! She is being such a little busy body. There have been daily fetus aerobics and kick boxing classes being hosted in my uterus. Now you don’t even have to feel my belly to tell she is moving, Sol and I can WATCH her move around from the outside!

Merry Christmas!

We are having a very relaxing and lovely mellow Christmas this year, probably our last one for awhile because next year our festivities will revolve around a 9 month old!

We are so lucky and blessed for our family, friends and health and we wish everyone a lovely and festive holiday.

Merry Christmas from Brittany and Sol (And Meowy Christmas from Kona, Sylvester and Zeus)

The 2010 Courtney family photo, the last one as a family of 6!

Merry Christmas from Kammans 2.5!


Week 25 and Week 26

Week 25 and 26 included our Chanukah party, 1o house guests, the stomach flu and a trip to Denver- very eventful and I am a little behind on updates! I’ve still been feeling pretty good overall, my energy level has been consistent, I’ve been eating healthy, drinking lots of water and I have succeeded in not gaining any weight since my last appointment so far (the stomach flu had something to do with that, not the way I would have chosen to go about it, but I think I’ll be on track by my next appointment).

I’m about to round the bend to the third trimester and I am starting to experience some of the third trimester joys already..having moments where I need to “get off my feet”, straining to bend over or to put on my shoes in the morning, and having foot and back pain adjusting to my shift in center of gravity and how to compensate for my new front-load. (haha that makes me sound like a washing machine?) My belly is getting big though and that means Baby K is growing big and healthy which is a constant reminder that all the aches and inconveniences are worth it. It also helps that I am doing a good job of keeping my sense of humor about the onset of these fun new 3rd trimester developments!

Denver, here we come!

Tomorrow BRIGHT and early (actually dark and early…) at 5:15 we are headed to the airport with my parents bound for Denver! I can’t wait to be reunited with my fun family, the Snyders, the senior Kleebs and celebrate an early Christmas and Kelley’s graduation from nursing school!

We will also be in Golden on Saturday trying to recreate this photo (but this time with a green theme 🙂