Happy New Year!

It’s 2011! I hope that everyone had a wonderful New Years celebration and is as excited for 2011 as I am.

On Thursday Sol and I had a really romantic impromptu dinner date. I was actually having kind of a rough feeling sorry for myself, emotional pregnant lady day (I haven’t had many of these yet, if any, but Sol was an expert in the cheering up department!) As we enjoyed dinner, we took the opportunity to debrief about our highlights of 2010 and what we were looking forward to the most about 2011. I realized that we had a pretty amazing year! It’s going to be difficult to top, but I’m pretty sure that 2011 will beat it. Last year I did a special decade summary, so I’ll continue in that vein this year with a year in bullet points and pictures review. (If you click on the collage to enlarge you can see all the little details!)


-Ringing in 2010 with friends in San Francisco and Monterey

-Snowboarding, snowboarding and more snowboarding!

-a traveling Valentines day party with friends to Truckee

-an amazing 10 day road trip around California that included an Easter celebration with the Smiths and Coxes in Dana Point (and an earthquake!), Hollywood adventures, Disneyland, visiting with family, camping in Big Sur, reminiscing at CSUMB and catching up with old friends in Monterey

– Sol completing his first half of graduate school with a 4.0 GPA

-Brittany successfully finishing her first year of teaching junior high art and beginning her second year

-Brittany attending the 4th annual celebration of wonderful women (Ladiespalooza) in Santa Barbara

-Celebrating our 2nd wedding anniversary with friends in Coloma at the same magical site we got married


-2 wet and wild  house boating weekends on Lake McClure

-Fun family time at Lake Folsom and Ice House

-finding out that we were pregnant with our first baby!

-finding out that our first baby is going to be a little girl

-Sol beginning work as a therapist at a counseling center that he loves while working as a very high-in-demand substitute in El Dorado County

-A trip to Weed to hang out with Rivkah and Charley

-A fun weekend get-a-way to Orange County to celebrate Amanda’s birthday

-Sharing in 4 wonderful wedding celebrations: The Stablers, The Maples, The Hamptons and The Radfords

-Our 3rd successful annual Chanukah celebration weekend

-A fun family trip to Denver to watch Kelley graduate from nursing school!

What we are looking forward to the most about 2011:

-Welcoming our beautiful baby girl in March, raising her and learning how to be parents!

-Sol graduating with his Masters Degree in Marriage and Family Therapy and beginning his career as a (paid) therapist

-Celebrating our 3rd wedding anniversary camping in Coloma, this time with a 3 month old in tow!

-Brittany starting her 5th year of teaching and her 3rd year of teaching art (fingers crossed!)

-Brittany attending the best Ladiespalooza yet, in Tahoe!

-Being a part of an amazing and beautiful wedding celebration for the Coxes

Who know what else 2011 has in store for us, but it promises to be exciting!


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