Week 28

7 months!

In roughly 2-3 short months we will be meeting our little girl. The reality of all these huge changes has really been hitting me this week. I think it’s because I’ve had some time off work, the holidays are over, and my focus has all been on rest and baby prep…but this week has been pretty intensely exciting and emotional at the same time. I realized soon after our return from Denver that this would be my last child-less school vacation. The next time that I have more than a day or 2 off work at a time will be to have a baby and then learn how to take care of a newborn. This would be my last time to sleep in, come and go as I please, and only be responsible for myself. So, I’ve been utilizing this time doing lots of nursery prep, baby shopping, baby reading, etc. but I’ve also been embracing lots of laziness and sleeping A TON! We’re talking 9-10 hours a night, trumping my normal 6-7. I think I am simultaneously catching up from months of fatigue and trying to hypothetically stock up for the next few months (or years?) of sleep deprivation. I have also been enjoying being able to leisurely lay in bed after I wake up and spend some time just feeling Baby K dancing around, her favorite time to do fetus aerobics is when I am in bed (and trying to sleep…lol), so it’s been fun to have some extra bonding time instead of having to leap out of bed at an alarm and jump in the shower.

I’ve also been really enjoying this time with Sol. We’ve been able to spend most of our days together, hanging out, getting baby tasks accomplished and having a lot of fun just focusing on each other. The last few months our schedules (mostly his grad-student-full-time-job-2-internships schedule) have prevented us from getting much quality time together, and it’s been beyond wonderful to have a couple glorious weeks of togetherness. At the same time I am thrilled about our new journey together as parents and our opportunity to grow together as a couple while we give this little girl all the love in the world, there is also a small part of me that is mourning the end of our life together just the two of us. Don’t get me wrong, the much larger part of me is over the moon, but we have had a really special, amazing and memorable 8 years together that is all about to change and I can’t help but feel a little sad. A little sad that it is never going to be just “us” again, a little sad that we will never be able to just focus on each other ever again, and a little sad that our carefree child-less days are numbered. I think, and hope, this is a normal, hormonal, 3rd trimester realization and I know that however blissful and lucky we feel now to have each other we are only going to grow more blissful and lucky with the addition of our little lady. It’s just different, and huge changes like this are always a little hard to swallow, right? Regardless, I just feel really blessed to have been able to spend so much time with my awesome hubby the last couple weeks before “real life” begins on Monday.

At our appt. this week we got another stellar report (thank you baby K for being so easy!), I took the glucose test and passed (no gestational diabetes!)…which involves drinking a bottle of gross melted-lime-otter-pop tasting liquid and then taking a blood test. We also got some new assignments, I have to do kick-counts every night now. If I can’t feel her move 10 times in 2 hours I have to call labor and delivery because it probably means there is something wrong. I don’t think that’s going to be a problem though, the first 2 nights it only took 10 minutes and last night it only took 3- she is a busy body! We also have to work out our birth plan before the next appt. There are a lot of details that we are sure of already (Drugs, yes please! Skin to skin time before they whisk her away for testing- of course!) but there are some that are going to require some more pondering that I hadn’t even considered. Do I want a mirror to see her arrive? Do I want to feel her head while she is crowning? Do I want her to be cleaned off before they put her on my chest or do I want to receive her all-gooey? I feel like these are things I won’t really know until I am actually in labor, so I kind of just want to write on there “please just get her out healthy and in one piece, I’m not picky about the details.”

This week we have our hospital tour of the brand spanking new labor and delivery ward in Roseville where we will be giving birth (please oh please let us make it there before she comes out!) I watched a short video tour of it and it looks super nice, I am excited to see it in person. Check it out here: Where we will meet our daughter


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