Nursery Progress: No sew crib skirt

I made a crib skirt!

Thanks to Young House Love, I made my very own crib skirt, no sewing involved! Young House Love is one of my favorite blogs that I check daily, it is full of do-it-yourself tips and one of my favorite parts is that they do all these fabulous things sans-sewing. (Yes I am crafty in a lot of ways, no, I do not sew.) I followed these easy directions, How to Make a No-Sew Crib Skirt and with some help from my mom, careful measuring, scissors, an iron, heat-n-bond hem tape and velcro I had a perfect crib skirt for the nursery.

First I carefully cut out 3 pieces (2 pieces for the short sides and I piece for the long side- I only did 3 sides because it’s against the wall) adding 3 inches to each measurement. Then I used the heat-n-bond to hem all 4 sides of the short ends and the top and bottom of the longer side.

The hem tape peeled off and ready to fold over

Fold over and iron again


Then use the heat-n-bond to attach all 3 panels together

I ended up with 3 perfectly hemmed panels attached together, in a long rectangle.


Then I attached velcro to the top hem with fabric glue, and the other side of the velcro to the metal mattress frame in the crib with heavy duty double sided carpet tape (so the skirt can be easily removed and washed) and voila, finished product!

Before: Unsightly gap between the bottom of the mattress and the drawer under the crib

After: With fabulous flowery crib skirt! (not yet acquired = fitted sheet)



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