Tahoe (the cancer-free superstar)

Last weekend we went to visit my brother-in-law Tahoe where he was recovering in the hospital in South San Francisco. He had just completed his 2nd (and hopefully last) surgery fighting testicular cancer. The first surgery (the Lance Armstrong, Tom Green style one) was completed in the fall, and although still an ordeal was a relatively simple outpatient procedure. This one was to remove most of the lymph-nodes from his trunk to prevent the cancer from spreading any further, and was much gnarlier and more invasive than the first. He was in the hospital in a lot of pain for over a week recovering.

We had a really nice time visiting with him and it was so good to see him! He had been out of surgery for 5 days when we saw him, and it was a relief to see him in the flesh, being social and on the way to recovery. We visited in his room for awhile, asked him a million questions about all of the machinery and his scars, and then took a few laps around the recovery wing. He was getting faster and even opening doors for us as we walked. (What a gentleman, even in pain!)  He is home now and has another 6 weeks or so of bed rest, but is on the road to recovery and *hopefully* permanently cancer-free.

We are also SO grateful for his awesome girlfriend Ethel, who has been an amazing nurse by his side the whole time. We know he wouldn’t be in as good of a healing place if it weren’t for her. Thank you Ethel!


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