Nursery Progress: Light fixture shopping

We have been unsuccessful in finding a ceiling light fixture for the nursery that is

A.) a reasonable price

B.) the correct size and brightness

C.) compliments the color scheme of the room

We want something “whimsical”, (yes, that is the word SOL used to describe it when we were shopping, isn’t he cute!) and fun, but not too cheesy. So far we have looked at Ikea and Home Depot with no luck, and have also searched online without success also.

This one is my absolute favorite I have found so far but it’s 400 dollars and that makes it a definite no-go. I would like the NOT 400 dollar version of this please.

I like the look of the capiz fixtures, but the ones we have found are either too chintzy, too expensive or too big.

If anyone knows where I can find anything like these in a budget version, I’ll give you a dollar.


One thought on “Nursery Progress: Light fixture shopping

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