The game of Things

“Things” is a SUPER fun game that I have recently re-discovered and highly recommend. Kelley and Roger own it and we played a hilarious game of it in Denver with the whole crew, and when we returned home I discovered that it was in our game collection too! We also played a slightly more PG but equally as fun round of it on New Years Eve. It doesn’t HAVE to be dirty…it was just more fun that way with the crew we were playing with. Although it was weird that a couple of times I had to say things like, “Dadddd, (squeaky voice) did you answer “number of sex partners?” and my dad had to ask me if I said “Blow job” (more than once…)

We also incorporated the use of a white board which made the game move more smoothly and way more fun. It can be played with a minimum of 4 players, but it is probably the most fun and challenging with between 6-10.

This is one of the answer boards from our Denver game. The question was “Things you should not hold while riding your bike”

This question was “Things you should not say to a cop when getting pulled over for speeding”

and the winner is…ME!! Of course a large part of the strategy of this game involves memory and focus, so the other players attributed my win on me being the only sober one….haha


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