Christmas 2010

Our Christmas this year was fun and relaxing, just how we like it! We kicked off the weekend with Christmas Eve dinner at my mom and dad’s house. I made a tofu lasagna (with meat added, for Sol, he insists it’s way better that way!) and my mom made a big salad. We enjoyed good food, company, presents and other general Christmas merriment. My mom and I also whipped out some cookie-press cookies after dinner, just because the season can’t end without them!

My mom's beautiful Hawaiian-themed tree

The goldies both got a new Santa toy

We decided to do presents on Christmas eve so we could all sleep in on Saturday because that's the last year THAT will be happening!

The dogs are good at helping with wrapping paper!

We got lots of cute presents for the baby, including this fun Christmas book called "The 12 days of Christmas in California"

My mom's big present was a fancy new dust buster!

Stockings for the favorite children, guess who!

Kammans 2.5

Sol's crazy hat, it looks like part Santa hat, part yarmulke.

I'm making a present for Sol. Do not open until March!

Cookie-press cookie time!

Aren't they purdy?

Waiting for Santa!

On Christmas day, we slept in (late!) and had some festive warm holiday beverages and kitty snuggles before taking a Christmas walk around Cameron Park Lake.

Christmas coffee!

On our Christmas stroll...

Cameron Park Lake

We headed over to my parents house that evening for a delicious Christmas ham meal along with my godparents Pat and Gretchen.

My dad made Sol a cranberry martini, he said it wasn't his "thing" but enjoyed 2 or 3 of them anyhow!

The beautiful place settings, with place cards made by moi.

Mmmmm treats

More presents!

Sol's new scarf

Mom's new scarf

New scarf love

The 2010 Christmas crew

The puppies are all Christmased-out!

Merry Christmas to all, and to all a good night!



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