more baby love

We haven’t even had either of the 2 showers being thrown for us yet, but Baby K has been getting lots special gifts from her admirers. She is going to be the most fashionable baby I know! The baby love makes me (and I’m sure her!) feel very special.

Aunt Amanda has been doing lots of spoiling…with these adorable pink baby crocs:

And then with these adorable headbands!

PLUS she sent the cutest note, this is totally going in her baby book!

This fairy doll is from Sue, who affectionately refers to Baby K as “Sunshine Daydream”, (which never ceases to make me smile). She is made from organic material, blonde, AND has a flower in her hair…how perfect!

This Goldilocks doll is from Cindy, she is cute AND does a trick….

She turns into the 3 bears!

Bianca and Justin got her this sweater in Monterey. She WILL play well with otters!

This cute SF Giants outfit is from her Giants-loving Uncle Tahoe and Aunt Ethel!

This cute-as-a-button dress is from her boyfriend Sage (with help from his mom, Liz!). He sent her a handsome picture of himself and note, he is already courting her in-utero!

And OMG little matching briefs

2 of my seventh grade girls got me this outfit, isn’t that sweet!?!

Sara made, MADE I SAID! her these hats and booties! She is amazing and they are sooo precious!

And of course, her first pair of baby flip flops from the Wards!

Thank you so much to our friends for making our fetus the most spoiled fetus on the block…already!


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