Nursery Progress: Fabric Wall Decor

I have seen this great idea on lots of baby blogs to make a fabric collage out of embroidery hoops and fun fabrics. I’m not sure what it would be called but I have been calling it a “bubble collage”.

See? Adorable.

I decided to attempt the same thing in our nursery, and I loved the results even more than I thought I would!

First I picked out a few fun fabrics from Walmart that coordinated with “the” fabric that we made the curtains and crib skirt out of. I only had to buy a quarter of a yard of each so it was super cheap. I picked up a ton of various sized embroidery hoops from Michaels for 16 dollars and I was ready to craft.

First I put the fabrics into the hoops and pulled them tightly.

Then I cut around the edges so there is only about a half inch of fabric sticking out.

Then I hot glued the edges of the fabric down to the embroidery hoop.

I also laid out the hoops before I started so that I had the configuration in mind before I decided which patterns to put together.

TA-DA! The finished product! It was cheap, easy, and brings a lot of color and whimsy to the room.


2 thoughts on “Nursery Progress: Fabric Wall Decor

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