Valentine’s Date

Flowers from my sweetie

My peace sign turns into a heart for 1 week a year only

On the day after Valentine’s day, my health had started to improve and I felt ready to rejoin the human race, so after work and a nap Sol and I went on our proper Valentine’s day date.

My cute Valentine

My other cute Valentine!

We envisioned a romantic, quaint Italian meal and we decided to try a new place, Sergio’s Italian and Seafood in Folsom. When we got there I was doubtful, it was in a very unassuming old part of Folsom in a questionable looking building, but the inside changed my mind. It was nicely decorated, had soft romantic lighting and a great atmosphere. The service was great and  most importantly, the food was amazing! Sergio’s gets the Kamman’s two thumbs up. We enjoyed a delicious and quiet meal (sans Valentine’s day crowds) while we gave each other silly love looks and recounted every one of our NINE Valentine’s days together. (For the record- we remembered how we celebrated every single one except ONE…(I have to get out my non-digital picture boxes to figure that one out?) We also tried to imagine what our Valentines day might look like next year!

After dinner Sol fulfilled my pregnant lady fantasy by taking me to Snooks on Sutter street for a banana split. Sutter street was deserted and we ended up having another fine Folsom establishment all to ourselves. The banana split was a massively overwhelming pile of sugar which we could barely eat about a quarter of before giving up, but boy was it delicious!


Nursery Progress: Pennants

My fabulous crafty friend Sue Prock made these adorable pennants for Lola’s room. They fit perfectly, tie in more of the fun fabrics and make me smile every time I see them! I know that they will make Lola smile too. Thanks Sue!

Happy Valentines Day!

This is the 9th Valentines day that Sol and I have spent together, and the 3rd since we’ve been married. Each has been special and memorable in its own way. This year is the first year that I have been pregnant (very pregnant to be exact) and also sick, so it hasn’t been as exciting as usual, but simple and sweet. This morning Sol woke up early to make me heart french toast before he had to go to work. Tonight we are going to have a quiet dinner at home and then tomorrow (pending my health improvements) we will have a proper Valentines date out.

I am so grateful for Sol and for my other sweet Valentines (my fetus and furry Valentines!) and for all of the love and loves I have in my life. Every day is a love fest around here, we don’t need a special day to celebrate love!

10 on 10

10 pictures from the 10th day of the month: February edition.

Chaperoning the 7th and 8th grade CJSF field trip to Sky High Sports

Trampoline dodgeball!

Taking the foam pit plunge

Pizza and soda, a junior highers dream

Fun with the school bus.

I love having the husband sub for me, I come back to new bulletin boards!

Loading the kiln and saying my prayer to the kiln gods..

Thursday is belly picture day! 34 weeks today.

Sick...can't take drugs. A nap and a giant mug of tea helps, a little.

Super hubby makes his super dinner specialty, turkey burgers.