Week 33

This week there has been LOTS of poke, poke, poking! I can tell it’s getting tight in there,  she is letting me know a lot. I love feeling her move around, it never gets old.  Sol and I have been playing a funny game where we poke her from the outside and she pokes us right back in the same spot. As we get closer and closer to the due date I have been feeling a combination of extreme excitement and anticipation and sheer terror. (I think that’s normal, right?) As the days go by though, more of the fear is replaced by excitement…I just can’t wait to see her and hold her. I am so ready!

My desire for her to come also might be enhanced with the 3rd trimester fun I’ve been experiencing lately. I am so swollen, I no longer have ankles. The swollenness is also causing carpel tunnel in my hands which makes them tingly and it feels like they are constantly “asleep” (apparently this is normal!) My current walking (or waddle) speed is now permanently set to “saunter”. I have wicked heartburn every day, and I have to pee about every hour, even through the night. I’m a mess; but a happy, lucky, grateful mess.



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