Baby Kamman celebration: love tree

This is another brilliant Amanda idea. She found an etsy site where they sell beautiful hand-drawn trees to use as guestbooks. Guests add their fingerprint to the tree as it’s foliage and then sign their name. This is an obvious choice for a wedding, but Amanda suggested it would be fun to have a “tree of love” for us to remember who was there to honor her at this celebration. The etsy site sells the trees for 120 dollars, (um, no thanks!) so I decided to take a stab at drawing my own. I already had the fancy pen and bristol paper, and I picked up the ink pads at Michaels for 3 dollars each making this project a grand total of 6 dollars! I love how it turned out, and we are going to have it framed to create a very special piece of artwork for her bedroom.

Tree before shower:

And during shower…

After picture (with frame) coming soon…


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