Nursery Progress: changing table mobile

We have a fancy rainforesty mobile over the crib that moves, lights up and plays soothing sounds. I wanted to make an additional mobile over the changing table to add some more pizzaz to the room and give baby K something wonderous to gaze at (and distract her!) during changing.

I found this mobile online that I loved, and since I had all those fun fabrics leftover from the fabric wall collage, it seemed like the perfect choice!

Amanda was in town and helping to encourage my craftiness, so we went to Michaels to pick up the rest of the supplies I needed which just included another embroidery hoop, some fabric glue and a few colors of coordinating ribbon. Craft accomplished for about 12 bucks.

Amanda used a stencil to trace 3 different sizes of circle from all of the fabric scraps I had leftover, and I cut them out (painstakingly- note to self, invest in some fabric scissors.) We cut out 2 of each size and fabric so that there could be a front and back around the ribbon.

After all the circles were cut, we laid out the ribbon and Amanda arranged the circles with alternating patterns like a giant puzzle.

Then I carefully glued the circles together around the ribbon.

Then I attached the ribbons w/ hot glue to the inner circle of the embroidery ring, which I had already spray painted pink.

Then I attached another coordinating ribbon to the top for the mobile hanger.

And we have hours of changing table entertainment! (hopefully!)


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