Doodle for Google

(The regional winner for last year)

This week, my students having been working on entries for the Doodle for Google contest. They are creating their own special Google logo with the theme “What I’d like to do Someday..”

On Monday I introduced the project and we did a lot of brainstorming. I encouraged them to come up with not only careers, which is the obvious choice, but other life goals as well. I am having them try 3 rough draft ideas before creating their final draft.

Google chooses state and regional finalists from 4 different age groups, and then eventually one winner that will be on the Google homepage at the end of May. Winners from various categories can win college scholarships, laptops, tee shirts, trips to New York, and the finalists will all be featured on a special webpage.

I am really impressed with how creative they are and the fun ideas they are coming up with! They are SO into it too, they’ve been voluntarily taking them home for homework and stopping by throughout the day to excitedly say ” I NEED A NEW ENTRY FORM! I JUST HAD A GREAT IDEA!” I can’t wait to post some of their submissions when they are finished, they are amazing!

Any school kids grades K-12 can enter up through March, it’s a fun activity for any teacher looking for a great art project! Click here for more contest info.

More winners from last year:


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