Week 41


Tom’s new engine

Last summer boating season was cut short when my dad’s beautiful boat engine exploded. (Well, it didn’t technically explode, but you know..self destructed). My dad worked on building the new engine all winter and last weekend Sol helped my dad install his brand new and IMPROVED engine into the boat. Before the installation they took it to a dyno shop to test the horsepower and make sure it was ready for action, and Sol documented it in the latest Sol production:

Due Date: Week 40

Well, we’ve reached D-day and no baby in sight, no signs she is wanting to come anytime soon. At the doctor this week I’ve made  teensy bit of progress, about a half a centimeter dilated, only 25% effaced and baby is still pretty high. The doctor also estimates she is now about 8.5-9 pounds! I hope she decides to join us soon or she might be too big to get her out!

I’m starting to feel like I will be pregnant forever…every muscle and bone in my body hurts, I can’t sleep for even an hour at a time anymore and it’s almost impossible to sleep at conventional hours. I’m still keeping busy but quickly running out of things to clean, organize and cook. To summarize, I AM READY! Bring it BABY!

I have another doctor appt. on Monday the 28th, if she is still being stubborn in there we’ll have an appt. to be induced on Friday April 1st when I am 41 weeks, 1 day. Although I hope she decides to come on her own before that, it would be kinda fun to have an April Fools day baby, I’m just trying to look on the bright side of another long week ahead of being huge and uncomfortable…

When will we get to meet you Lola? Please come soon!


my 8th grade 3D artists

Since last year, my 8th grade advanced art class has gotten a special privilege  that none of the other exploratory classes get, they get to sculpt with CLAY! The kids LOVE working with clay (they literally do happy dances when they come in and realize we are starting a new clay project), and with a little guidance on structural integrity- their creativity runs wild. There are several reasons that I only allow my advanced class to work with clay.

-It creates a special privilege that they have to work for, gaining entrance into the advanced class in order to be able to participate

-Clay is MESSY! The set up and clean up is really labor intensive, and I can only trust the best of the best with these tasks

-There are lots of rules to follow in order for their pieces to survive in the kiln and through the hand-building process, the advanced class takes this guidelines very seriously

The biggest reason, however, is that Rolling Hills doesn’t currently have a kiln. (Hopefully soon, I’m working on it!) It is truly a labor of love because of how much work it involves for me to fire their pieces. I have to pack everything up (painstakingly carefully- there is nothing worse than damaging a student’s masterpiece in-transit) into boxes, load everything box by box into my car, drive it to Oak Meadow, pick up the key from the secretaries in the office, drive around to the kiln shed, unload everything box by box to the kiln shed, then slowly load the kiln by building the kiln shelves around the pieces and return the key to the office. THEN I have to do the reverse of that to get all of the pieces back to Rolling Hills once they have been fired the first time, THEN the students have to glaze the bisque-fired pieces and I have to repack everything and start the process all over again for the glaze firing. Each piece has to be fired twice, once as greenware and once with glaze. It takes about a month total from distributing the wet clay to when I can send their finished pieces home with them, and about 4 hours combined for me OUTSIDE of my regular work day transporting, loading and unloading pieces. And this is with only 32 kids in one class- imagine if I was doing it with 5 classes and 150 kids?!?

The kids love it so much though that it is worth every ounce of energy to see how excited they get and how proud they are of their finished products. The last projects that they completed before I left on maternity leave were some of the best I have seen yet.

Here I am loading the greenware into the kiln for the first firing. Artsy footage and editing courtesy of Sol:

And here are their amazing finished products after the second firing, fully glazed:


Pie box!

Flower box

Turtle box

Peace sign paperweight

Fairy house!


elephant tea pot!

Nike cup

Abstract sculpture

Tron bike


Ferrari logo

turtle box



And this is my personal favorite:


Cheeseburger pieces....