Week 39

Wow, I never thought back in July that this week would actually come. We are now less than a week away from my due date, March 24th. It seems odd that I’ve been saying that date for so many months, and now it is not weeks away anymore, it is THURSDAY.

Unfortunately babies don’t use calendars though, (although, if there were ever a fetus who referred to a day planner, it would be mine..) so it’s anyone’s guess when she will actually decide to arrive. I saw the doctor this week and she didn’t see any signs of labor in sight..I’m not dilated, she’s not even very low yet, and I haven’t been having any contractions- BH or otherwise. I have an appointment for next Tuesday to check up on her again, and (just in case) she scheduled me an appointment for the week after her due date and started discussing induction options with me. Although the thought of not being able to control this HUGE thing that’s about to happen is scary to me, I think it’s even scarier to think about it being my call of when or when not to induce and what the consequences of that could be. I just want her to decide when she is ready to come, and then let me know in a timely fashion..is that too much to ask? The doctor DID offer to scrape my cervix, which she said had a 30% chance of starting labor, but after I thought about it I nervously stammered “um…ask me again next week!” As uncomfortable as I am and as much as I want her out of there, the thought of rushing that process along was even scarier at the moment.

So here I am in this weird purgatory of nervousness, excitement and anxiousness. I am excited and terrified all at once, and TRYING to relax as much as possible knowing that at any moment the biggest event of my life is going to occur, and I have no way to know when or how. Keep us in your thoughts, and hopefully this journey will end soon with a beautiful and healthy baby.


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