Due Date: Week 40

Well, we’ve reached D-day and no baby in sight, no signs she is wanting to come anytime soon. At the doctor this week I’ve made  teensy bit of progress, about a half a centimeter dilated, only 25% effaced and baby is still pretty high. The doctor also estimates she is now about 8.5-9 pounds! I hope she decides to join us soon or she might be too big to get her out!

I’m starting to feel like I will be pregnant forever…every muscle and bone in my body hurts, I can’t sleep for even an hour at a time anymore and it’s almost impossible to sleep at conventional hours. I’m still keeping busy but quickly running out of things to clean, organize and cook. To summarize, I AM READY! Bring it BABY!

I have another doctor appt. on Monday the 28th, if she is still being stubborn in there we’ll have an appt. to be induced on Friday April 1st when I am 41 weeks, 1 day. Although I hope she decides to come on her own before that, it would be kinda fun to have an April Fools day baby, I’m just trying to look on the bright side of another long week ahead of being huge and uncomfortable…

When will we get to meet you Lola? Please come soon!



One thought on “Due Date: Week 40

  1. Hey guys!!! I’ve been on baby watch and keep checking in to see if that little one has arrived yet! I know the anxiety you have been feeling but enjoy this time 🙂 Once she is born, every moment passes so fast!

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