Car Seat Comparison

Lola is growing like a weed! Today I took a picture of her in her carseat, (which she has nearly grown too big for already!) and I can’t believe that she was once swimming in it. Check out the comparison:

3 days old

3 months old!


Father’s Day


Lola with her daddy and me with my daddy!

This was a special Father’s day because it was Sol’s first Father’s day and my dad’s first Fathers day as a grandpa. Lola and I are very lucky to have great daddies!

Sol may only have been a daddy for a few months, but he is a natural and it was the role he was meant for. I love watching him interact with Lola. He is so sweet to her and she thinks he is so funny! He gets the best laughs out of her and she always has huge smiles for him when he gets home.

My dad has been an amazing role model and support in my life, and now he is a great dad role model for Sol. I don’t know what I would do without him!

Cheers for great dads everywhere!

Our very own Rock of Love

And no, Brett Michaels is not involved.

On the Summer Solstice, June 21st, 2008, we got married on the bank of the American River. On a lawn, in front of the Troublemaker rapid, in front of a rock. Our rock of love.

For the last 3 years we have celebrated our anniversary camping there. It is a magical place that holds so many wonderful memories for us. It feels like a peaceful void in the universe, where the rushing river drowns out all distractions. It’s our favorite place to relax and reconnect, and we are lucky that it is practically in our own backyard and we can escape there regularly.

This rock marks a particularly important place, being the EXACT spot that we said our vows and became husband and wife.

Here we are on that special day, 6-21-2008:

Leaning on our rock…

1 year later, June 2009:

2 years later: June, 2010

3 years later: June, 2011

And now we are 3!

Lola’s new ride

It was always Sol’s dream to have a bright, shiny, red Radio Flyer…and now he gets to have one. Kind of.

In August, Lola will be a “flower baby” in Justin and Bianca’s wedding, along with their niece Evelynn, who was born the same week as Lola. Of course, neither of them can walk or throw flower petals, so their main duty will be to look cute while being pulled down the aisle in a wagon. I volunteered to purchase and decorate that wagon, so that Lola can have a pretty, red Radio Flyer to enjoy after the wedding.

After the wagon arrived it took Sol about 30 seconds to rip open the box and begin assembly…

Our pretty girl in her shiny new ride!

In case you missed it…

Wow, I have proven that having a new baby and maintaining a family blog is an impossible task! Now that Lola is getting into a little more predictable routine I am going to make it a goal to be better about updating the ole blog, especially since I have so many beautiful pictures of my sweet Lola to post and wise words from an experienced (HA!) momma to share.

Looking back on the last few months, it’s no wonder I haven’t had time to update! Here’s what’s been going on with the Kammans…

Lola celebrated her first holiday….

….Easter! It was also a big weekend because Lola got to meet her Aunt Kelley and Uncle Roger. We had a great weekend with family doing what we do best: Eating, drinking and celebrating!

Sol turned 28

……with a nice mellow day. We had a little family celebration for Sol and Kelley over Easter weekend, and then on his actual birthday Lola and I spoiled him with a delicious lunch and Relish Burger on the patio. That night, Grandma Cece and Papa Tom had their first official babysitting job while we went out to dinner with the Tennis’s and the Wards, and then drank beer on the patio of one of our favorite pre-Lola haunts, the Streets of London Pub.

Brittany celebrated her first Mother’s day

….I had only been a mommy for 5 weeks but I got a wicked spoiling! Sol and Lola dropped me off to get a massage, and then picked me up to take me out to a delicious brunch at Sienna. We had an amazing meal and bottomless mimosas which was followed (naturally) by a family nap/snuggle. Then we went to my parents house for a great dinner planned and cooked by Sol and my dad.

Lola went on her first overnight trip/girls weekend

……..with her brave mommy! This was also a special weekend because Lola got to meet her godmother Amanda. We picked up Amanda from the airport and headed to Groveland, to a cabin in the woods to celebrate at Bianca’s bachelorette retreat. Lola was such a good girl all weekend, such a good girl that she made this mothering thing look a little too easy. She had a great time being “one of the girls”, playing, socializing and even sporting her first flower crown!

Sol graduated from USF with his Masters Degree in Marriage and Family Therapy

…..Well, kind of. He won’t officially be done until August, but he walked and we celebrated accordingly with TWO parties, one fancy dinner in San Francisco at Ocean Beach Chalet, and another dinner with local friends the next night. He has worked SO hard for 2 years, maintaining straight A’s and becoming an amazing and trusted therapist (while working full time AND being a great husband and dad!) I am incredibly proud of him and what he has accomplished!

Brittany went back to work

….and then stopped working again! Ah, the joys of being a teacher and lucking out with a *nearly* perfectly timed birth. After 11 weeks of maternity leave, I went back to work for a whole 9 days to close out the school year and then started my summer break, with another joyful 9 weeks of Lola bonding ahead. It included about 3 semi-serious days of teaching, and then field trips, end of the year celebrations, 8th grade graduation and last day of school parties. It felt good to close out the year with my students and colleagues, and I am looking forward to returning to the same school and grade level in the fall for my 5th year of teaching and my 3rd year of junior high art. (Although NOT looking forward to leaving Lola, but that’s another story!)

Brittany turned 28

….and my biggest present was summer vacation! My birthday was the day of 8th grade graduation. Sol and Lola picked me up to take me out to a birthday lunch on the patio of Bistro 33. We also celebrated with a dinner at Fats (my favorite!) and Sol and I even got some grown-up time at Scarlett’s (anther of our favorite pre-Lola haunts..)

Lola became a lake rat

….just like her mommy! Lola had her first trip out on Papa Tom’s boat on Lake Folsom. She napped under the deck of the boat in the shade and was lulled to sleep by the motor, just like I did at her age! This is the first of many, many boat outings she will surely have this summer and in her life.

Lola became an expert camper

….and got her 2 best nights of sleep ever, 9 and 10 hours straight- IN A TENT! If that doesn’t say natural camper, I don’t know what does! We had a great weekend with friends and fun playing with Lola in one of our favorite places ever, Coloma!

Brittany and Sol celebrated their 3rd wedding anniversary

… the beautiful and magical spot on the American River that we wed on the summer solstice, 3 years ago! We spent the weekend camping with friends, and then on our actual anniversary, Grandma Cece and Papa Tom babysat so we could go on a much needed and super fun date. We ate at Fats and then saw Super 8, followed by a summery treat from Pinkberry. After putting Lola to bed, we finished the night toasting to 3 years with champagne from our wedding day champagne flutes while watching videos from our wedding. It was a perfect way to commemorate 3 years and reflect on the importance of our vows and our ever-evolving relationship. Cheers to many, many more!