Sol and I wear glasses mostly at night and in the mornings, and Lola’s new favorite thing to do with her grabby hands is steal them. We decided maybe she wanted to try them on?

Or maybe she is like Clark Kent, she takes them off and becomes SUPER BABY!!


What’s in a name?

We had the name Lola Dov picked out for our little girl before we even knew she was a girl, before she was even a seed in my belly, actually. We loved it then and we love it more now. Especially since she is so clearly a Lola.

As a teacher, picking out a baby name was a challenge. I have a rotation of students every trimester which totals over 400 a year. That’s a lot of names, and a lot of potentially ruined names based on negative associations. There are some names that I absolutely can’t say without picturing a certain rugrat’s face. There are also many repeated names that drive me crazy. I have had classes with 3 Madisons, 3 Alexandras and 3 Erikas…etc. etc. I still am haunted by my 3rd grade class that contained 3 Saras, all with “S” last initials. My poor teacher had to call them Sara SS., Sara SK, and Sara ST. Taking the huge responsibility of attaching a moniker to a human very seriously, I wanted a name that was unique enough to not be common and overused, yet not so weird that my poor child would be a victim of senseless childhood teasing.

I like a lot of girl names, but I picked out the name Lola and Sol was immediately sold. I got it from the Kinks song “Lola”. Yes, I know it’s about a transvestite, but that doesn’t make me love the name any less. Or the song…it’s a great song. I would find myself humming “la-la-la-la-Looooolllaaaa” in my head all day, picturing what my beautiful little baby girl would be like. Since she’s been here, it’s my favorite thing to sing to her softly while rocking her to sleep.

Dov (pronounced dove, like the bird) is part of Sol’s middle name. His middle name is Hebrew, “Dov Ber”. Dov actually means Bear (like the animal) in Hebrew. I love how “Lola Dov” flows together, and that she has a part of her daddy’s name in hers.

I’ve also since discovered another song about her name that we sing to her often, “Whatever Lola Wants, Lola Gets..” which is very appropriate since that is the motto around here!

As much as we love her name, there are innumerable pet names we have taken to calling her in place of it:

The most common one is “Bean”, and any and all variations of “Bean”:

Sweet Bean, Lima Bean, Green Bean, Garbanzo Bean, String Bean-

plus Bean with any adjective: Silly Bean, Sleepy Bean, Jumpy Bean, Squirmy Bean, Smiley Bean, Hungry Bean, sometimes just Bean-Bean or Beans

Bug (repeat variations of “Bug” with adjective): Sleepy Bug, Grumpy Bug, etc.

Monkey (Also repeat similar variations of Monkey+ adjective)



Sweet Lo (also Sweet-n-Low)


Little Dove

Lola D

Monkey Moo

Chunky munch

Shortcake (my mom’s favorite thing to call her)

Bright Eyes (my dad’s favorite thing to call her)


Boobie Monster.

Poor thing is going to be in Kindergarten before she figures out what her actual name is.