7 months

Our pretty little Lola bug is 7 months old!

She is full of personality and changes every day.


This month we had a big new development….TEETH!! Lola cut her first two teeth, the two bottom middle ones, and man those buggers are SHARP! Someone get this girl a steak!

Lola is still mostly breastfed and supplemented with formula, but she is more and more ravenous every day and sadly, her appetite is increasing faster than my supply can keep up. I am still fighting tooth and nail towards my goal of nursing for a year, and stubborn about cutting out feedings, but it’s frustrating when I use all of my prep time at work to pump a total of 3-5 ounces when she eats 12-15 during the day in my absence. At some point I am going to have to decide that the pumping isn’t worth it anymore and then I’ll probably transition to a morning and night nursing routine until she’s at least 1. I’m not there yet though, I’m going to squeeze every last drop of magic milk out until my body won’t make any more!

She’s so active now and it’s hard to get her to focus much on food during the day when there are so many other exciting things going on!

We have been having fun exploring solids! We have tried a couple of fruits, bananas and pears, but she really seems to be more interested in the veggies. (Go figure?) We’ve also done some mashed up avocado which she loves. Being a California baby though, I’m pretty sure that’s a requirement. We have also introduced some baby finger foods that she is really good at picking up and feeding herself: rice crackers, yogurt melts, puffs and little baby cereals. She likes to sit in the kitchen in her high chair with me now and feed herself snacks while she watches me make dinner.

We’ve also given her some cornbread (which she loved!) and a couple bites of vanilla frozen yogurt which she gobbled right up!


I’m not going to lie, things have been pretty rough this month. With the 6 month growth spurt and teeth coming in fast and furiously, sleep has been a hot commodity in the Kamman household. She is still doing a great job sleeping in her crib, and her naps have gotten longer and more consistent, but she went from waking up maybe 1 time per night on a bad night to at least 1-2 times every night. Now, before you virtually yell at me, I know we are still spoiled. I’ve read 3 books on sleep and enough websites, blogs and internet forums to know that we still have it pretty good that she will go 6-8 hour stretches for us on a regular basis, but it’s all relative, right? When you aren’t used to the 2 or 3 am feedings anymore, adding them back in is rough. For the first time since she was born, Sol has been on regular night duty with me which has been awesome. He usually takes one feeding with a bottle and I take the next, which allows us both a pretty even amount of sleep. We have been getting to bed earlier too which leaves us less time alone with each other, but more time to sleep and admittedly, there aren’t many things more important that sleep to us these days.


One of the biggest (and most adorable) developments this month is that Lola can now WAVE. She waves hello and goodbye and sometimes just for the heck of it, and it is the cutest thing ever. She makes strangers in public literally melt when they walk by and she gives them a random gummy smile and a big wave. She is such a little silly girl! It started out like a random arm spasm that could be interpreted as a wave, and quickly became a very deliberate full on greeting.

She is on the MOVE! She is not *quite* full on crawling yet, but SO SO close. She does an army crawl, scoot, roll hybrid thing that gets her where she wants to go. She has already figured out that her favorite thing to move to is the cat food and water, where (if I turn my back for two seconds) she will be happily splashing or scooping food out of the bowl. She gets up on her hands and knees and rocks around, pushes up and does all kinds of yoga-esque moves (downward dog and plank pose!). She can also expertly transition from back or belly to sitting now!

She LOVES toys, and has become very intentional in her play. She can pull her baby bongo drums onto her lap and smack at them. She can pull apart stacked cups and bang them together. She can roll, throw and grab toys, turn pages of books, and manipulate moving parts with ease. She also still LOVES to jump in her jumperoo.

She has a good sense of object permanence and loves peek-a-boo hiding games. She has also started to control them herself by pulling up a burp cloth over her face and whipping it down while I coo “Where’s Lola???” “THERE SHE IS!!”

Her “talking” sounds have started to sound a lot more like talking. She definitely does some MA MA MA sounds and DA DA DA sounds, but I’m not sure at what point we get to decide that was her first words? There is also a lot of happy screeching, which is all done in joy, but when in public could possibly be interpreted as us torturing her…until you look over to see a giant smile on her face.

Oh, my gosh, she is too much fun. I love love LOVE this age. She thinks every face and sound we make is the funniest thing in the world. It’s enough to give her proud mom and dad a pretty big head!


In her 7th month…

-She went to her first Kibble-n-Bids!

-She hung out at the Cox’s apartment with her baby friend Evelynn

-She had her first trip to San Francisco, and her first overnight in the pack-n-play (she did great!)

-Had her first sightseeing adventure in San Fransisco with a trip to the Golden Gate bridge and the beach

-Celebrated her first Halloween, and her first Halloween costume- a garden gnome!

-Went on her first Trick-or-Treating adventure with the Wards, but she doesn’t eat candy, so Mommy and Daddy had to take care of that!

Coming up in month 8….Lola’s first Thanksgiving, a week off with mommy and daddy, a big girl car seat…Crawling?!?! Talking?!?!


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