The Kammans

We are the Kammans! Sol, Brittany, Lola and the kitty gang.

Sol is a trusted therapist, an (almost finished!) Masters degree student and the coolest substitute teacher in the Buckeye district. He is a budding photographer, a champion washers player, a gadget lover and a great daddy.

Brittany is a junior high art teacher, Lola’s doting mommy, the queen of craftiness, a social butterfly, master event planner and has an unfounded opposition to wearing shoes.

In April 2011 we welcomed Lola into the world. She is our spunky, smiley, mellow, adorable ginger baby. Our adventures have changed since we became parents, but we haven’t stopped adventuring, and Lola has only enhanced our zest for experiencing life. We appreciate the little things in life, and want to use this blog as an avenue to share our favorite “little” things with you as we navigate the roller coaster of parenthood. Enjoy the ride!


4 thoughts on “The Kammans

  1. Hi, Kammans. I just stumbled upon your website doing a little internet browsing. Do you have any ties to Indiana? My family is centered around Seymour, IN. Good luck on your upcoming special arrival! Scott Kamman, Louisville, KY

  2. No Kammans that we know of in Indiana- some in New York, Massachusetts, California and Florida.

    Thanks for the well-wishes!


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