A Chanukah photo booth


2011 Chanukah bash

The Kamman’s annual Chanukah party has been an important staple of the holiday season for many years now. (2009, 2010) We take an untraditional approach to celebrate Sol’s background and the festival of lights complete with latkes and home-made apple sauce, a Chanukah bush, decorating Macabee cookies and driedel drinking games.

I actually have more Chanukah decorations now than Christmas decorations. This year I was really committed to the decor, so much so that I actually sewed! I cut and sewed the pennants with a little help from my mom and her ancient sewing machine- using FOUR, yes, FOUR awesome Chanukah fabrics from Joann. I also made some table squares (although I used hem tape for those!) (I don’t sew, this is a big deal)

Most of the time Sol and I bust our butts cooking ALL of the food, which is tricky because ┬áthe latkes require most of our attention and kitchen space. This year we did a potluck, which was awesome because 1.) we could actually hang out and enjoy the party out of the kitchen and 2.) we got to taste everyone else’s awesome dishes!

Another new edition was the Chanukah “photo booth” I even made some silly props.

And what’s kind of Chanukah party is it until Santa shows up!?!?


A new tradition…Friendsgiving

We had a little impromptu celebration the weekend after Thanksgiving…and a tradition was born, Friendsgiving!! We ate turkey tortilla soup out of leftover turkey and homemade soup, and had a festive time playing music.

Lola loves to be involved in their jam sessions!

Pumpkin pie at Friendsgiving looks a little bit different than pumpkin pie on Thanksgiving, especially at 9:30 at night after a few libations.

Brendan brought his mom’s homemade pies…mmm.

After a big sleepover, we had a leisurely morning while the boys cooked us breakfast. Then we headed out on a walk around Cameron Park lake on a beautiful day.


Wow, so much to be thankful for! Thanksgiving was much needed time to relax with family and friends.

Aunt Kelley!

Mark came too!

Cranberry margaritas are our family holiday tradition!

Sol enthusiastically demanded to make the turkey, which he brined. It was very fancy, and delicious.

Lola loved all of the Thanksgiving foods. She sampled turkey, mashed potatoes, creamed spinach, cranberry sauce, squash, stuffing, soup, pumpkin pie and a roll.

Also thankful that these were the last few days of the mustache!

Happy Holidays from the Kammans

We hope that everyone has been blessed as we have with a memorable and restful holiday season filled with family, food and fun.

For the last 3 years, the Kamman holiday card has been a collage collection of our favorite shots of the 2 of us from the year. (Check out 2008, 2009 and 2010 here) This year we had to continue with the same grain, now featuring our new family member…

Happy Holidays!


Last year we had a really mellow Halloween, I was pregnant and it was a Sunday night, and we spent it hanging out with my parents and the Kleebs, eating chili and watching the World Series. Halloween IS my favorite holiday though and after a long history of creative costumes I was bummed that I didn’t even dress up (which I expressed here.)

I also declared that this year there would need to be a creative family-themed costume happening to make up for it. Enter: Garden Gnome family.

I sewed us all felt hats (well, I cut and pinned them and my mom sewed them, thanks mom), cut out some detachable and whimsical daisies for Lola and I, and found Sol a gnome beard (which was actually the most difficult part of the whole costume finding process). I found us 3 coordinating plaid shirts from Old Navy and we were all set. I have always preferred making my costumes, partly because I like them to be unique and mostly because spending 50-100 dollars on something you wear once makes my thrifty self cringe. So, I justified the Old Navy shirts by their re-wearability, which they have been…a lot. My gnome shirt is totally my favorite comfy shirt right now.

We spent a fun weekend in San Francisco with the Blakemans, celebrating Casey’s 29th birthday and (almost) Halloween. We dedicated an entire day to driving around the city on an unbelievably gorgeous day and taking pictures of our silly gnome in all kinds of city landmarks. We also enjoyed a picnic in the park across from the “painted ladies” (“everywhere you loooookkkkkkkk”). Shout out to the Blakemans for participating so enthusiastically in these missions, driving us around and being skilled Lola “attention getters” for the photos!

Gnome Lola had just mastered waving, and was waving at anyone or anything that would look at her, which made for an extra adorable time. She made more than a few peoples day when they walked by, cooing at her gnome outfit, and she gave them a big gummy smile and an enthusiastic wave.