a taco truck birthday bash

In November, our fabulous photographer friend Bill Foster turned 40! His cute and crafty wife Jennifer (AKA Fun Jenny) threw him a driveway taco truck party, which was delicious and fun.

I’ve decided that hiring a taco truck to come feed a birthday party is also genius idea, no cooking and the mess just drives away when you are done!

It doesn’t mean that Jennifer got off easy with the preparations. She went over the top with other cute thematic touches:

Exibit A:

She made the cupcakes, they had tequila lime frosting and were To. Die. For.

Also not pictured but essential: a margarita machine! There were also various Mexican beers and Coke in bottles for the kids.


Our Hollywood cat does it again.

Our little feral Ord cat did it again. He’s in 2 more calendars.

2 years ago I sent in a bunch of cat pictures for consideration in the Bad Cat calendar. A calendar that had graced my desk for 3 years.

None of them made it into Bad Cat for 2011, but Sylvester was in the 365 days of Cats desk calendar.

It was quite tense around here for a few months after that, Sylvester got kind of a big head about his fame and the other cats were jealous.

Anyway, apparently the save the pictures year to year, because a few months ago out of the blue we got this letter:

So this is our Hollywood cat’s debut in the Bad Cat desk and wall calendars:

Special thanks to Bianca for putting him in that ridiculous hat!

the accidental gardener.

Sol and I can sustain life for ourselves, our 3 cats and our daughter…but we have a history of being ruthless plant murderers. Our thumbs are whatever color the opposite of green is. On the color wheel that would be red…we have red thumbs. We have tried to garden and grow things inside and outside over and over again with a 0% success rate.

Until now.

We grew a giant flourishing tomato bush on accident.

We have had this compost bin in our side yard since 2008 when our resident hippie, Bianca, was staying with us and installed it. We go through phases on and off about being good about using it.

Around the time Lola was born (when we had a month of solid rain) the lid was left off.

Fast forward a few months and we discover this giant flourishing tomato plant exploding from the compost bin.

Actually, TWO different tomato plants.

That we accidentally grew.

On accident.

Goals for 2012

I’m not calling these resolutions, because I think that has a negative stigma…but goals sounds more practical. I know it’s cheesy to need a new year to start in order to inspire positive changes, but I am a sucker for benchmarks and new beginnings. Plus, the glutenous eating, drinking and making merry during the holiday season leaves you with that desire to cleanse and inspiration for new goals. Which, funny enough, is very similar to a hangover.

Here are a few goals I will be focusing on in 2012. They are measurable, attainable, and somehow writing them on a blog makes me feel more accountable.

1.) Lose the baby weight: I know, I know…real creative. A New Years resolution to lose weight, I’m a freaking visionary. But for real, I really really want to look and feel like a similar size to my pre-pregnancy self, if not slightly smaller and I am entering the New Year with more determination than ever. More than that, I want to eat healthier and commit to fitness to set a good example for Lola. Also, she’ll be walking soon and I’ll need a lot more stamina for chasing!

2.) Make time for myself: Mommy thing. Balance, balance, balance. More blogging, more art, more sleeping! I’m a much more sane person when I slow down occasionally.

3.) Keep in touch: Calling people, calling people back and talking on the phone in general is my achilles heel. I’m horrible at it. It’s not that I don’t love my friends and family, but (See goal #2) I never have time for myself in an average day let alone time to sit down in a quiet place and catch up with correspondents. I want to be better at this though. I will work on it!


Happy Holidays from the Kammans

We hope that everyone has been blessed as we have with a memorable and restful holiday season filled with family, food and fun.

For the last 3 years, the Kamman holiday card has been a collage collection of our favorite shots of the 2 of us from the year. (Check out 2008, 2009 and 2010 here) This year we had to continue with the same grain, now featuring our new family member…

Happy Holidays!

pretty in pink

Here are a few more shots from our special photo shoot that we did for Lola’s god mommy Amanda. I can’t believe what a big girl she is!

We turned a few of our favorites into a collage poster for Amanda. Here is the poster in it’s new home:

Photo editing compliments of Sol, Pink dress compliments of Amanda.