Week 15


a new era

I just finished placing an Old Navy order for a couple of pairs of maternity jeans, some cords and khakis with elastic waistbands that will hopefully¬†suffice¬†as my staples through the winter. I am really overly excited about elastic waist pants, I am not quite to “belly looks like baby” stage yet, but well past “being able to button my regular pants” phase, so dressing for work has been, well, challenging and uncomfortable.

When I was placing my order I got to the part that said “promotion code” and I thought to myself “gee, I really wish I had one of those.” When I reserved our Roosevelt Hotel stay in April I googled promotion codes and ended up getting a huge discount, so I googled “Old Navy Promo codes” and voila! Within a second I had a code that got me 20% off AND free shipping, I saved 40 dollars on my order! DOUBLE SCORE! Cute elastic waist pants for cheap!

SKINNY JEANS! I need these for my 5 pairs of slouchy boots!

Comfy boyfriend jeans for weekend lounging

Cute brown bootcut cords, these scream fall!

A work "must"

I sense cute tights/slouchy boot/this skirt outfits in my future.

junior high words of wisdom: dreaming

A student made me laugh the other day when he came up to tell me about his dream.

student: “Mrs. Kamman! Mrs. Kamman! I had a dream about you last night!”

me: “Oh really?”

student: “YA! I was famous and in a band and you were our manager. We were rehearsing and you brought me a caramel macchiato, and I was like “THIS IS EXACTLY WHAT I WANTED! HOW DID YOU KNOW!” and you were like “It’s cause I know what you like, that’s what you pay me for”

The same day Mr. Kamman was approached by a female student about another dream.

student: “My friend doesn’t like you!”

Mr. Kamman: “Why?”

student: “Because she had a dream about you where you were trying to kill her!”

Baby Zeus

Zeus is the current baby of the family (for now!) and milks every minute of it. I think animals can sense impending change…(maybe it’s the bag of cloth diapers I just brought home that he’s been nesting in…) but lately he has been reverting to even more baby-like behavior.

This is what I envision baby Kamman looks like right now...except less furry and hopefully without a tail.

My current baby bonding with my future baby.