Nursery Progress: Fabric Wall Decor

I have seen this great idea on lots of baby blogs to make a fabric collage out of embroidery hoops and fun fabrics. I’m not sure what it would be called but I have been calling it a “bubble collage”.

See? Adorable.

I decided to attempt the same thing in our nursery, and I loved the results even more than I thought I would!

First I picked out a few fun fabrics from Walmart that coordinated with “the” fabric that we made the curtains and crib skirt out of. I only had to buy a quarter of a yard of each so it was super cheap. I picked up a ton of various sized embroidery hoops from Michaels for 16 dollars and I was ready to craft.

First I put the fabrics into the hoops and pulled them tightly.

Then I cut around the edges so there is only about a half inch of fabric sticking out.

Then I hot glued the edges of the fabric down to the embroidery hoop.

I also laid out the hoops before I started so that I had the configuration in mind before I decided which patterns to put together.

TA-DA! The finished product! It was cheap, easy, and brings a lot of color and whimsy to the room.



Our house recently got a big new upgrade…a new couch! We have had our couch since 2006, and although it has served us well in 4 different houses, its had its share of issues. It has overstuffed cushions and a narrow bench, which makes it difficult to not have grammar school posture while on it, and although it is huge and bulky, it doesn’t seat that many adults comfortably. With our new(ish) entertainment center and living room configuration, it was also positioned funny in relation to the t.v. There’s was really only 1 place you could sit on it to watch t.v. comfortably…(which somehow Sol always ended up in). The most annoying problem with the old couch was how much cat hair it collected and how hard it was to get off. The texture of the fabric was a magnet for cat hair and there was no easy way to get it off…it involved a rubber glove massage technique and an hour of rigorous vacuuming to get even a little bit off.

We have been looking at new sofas on and off since September, and we had a very specific list of qualifications. We wanted:

-a micro fiber sectional

preferably chocolate-brown or some other shade of brown

-with chaise, on the right side

-small enough to fit on our window wall but large enough to fit more than a few people

-wide bench

-cushions instead of big pillows


-NOT an arm and a leg

-ottoman compatible

With this list of detailed list of specifications we had exhausted our efforts and pretty much abandoned our search when we went to our friend Jennifer’s house and saw her new couch from Costco. We were in LOVE! It was exactly what we were looking for AND only 750 dollars, with ottoman. It meets every one of our criteria AND was in our price range. We worked it into our budget and had it delivered just days later. We won’t have much expendable income for the entire month of February, but we decided it would be worth it if we had to be sitting at home being bored on our new couch! We also sold our old couch within 18 hours after our new couch was delivered, and made 200 dollars on it, bringing the grand total of our upgrade to only $550!

Old couch:

Sol getting the spot ready for the new couch:

Where the old couch lived for 18 hours:

And the glorious new couch!!

In Costco:

And in our living room! It fits like it was made for the room and we have been enjoying it SO much! The kitties love it too, they’ve barely left it.


Nursery Progress: handy-dad’s problem solving

We inherited a beautiful crib from the McFarland’s, there was just one small problem. Not with the crib, but with our wonderful and helpful kitty roommates.

The crib has 2 drawers underneath, and behind the drawers there was a gap between the bottom crib railing and the drawer, large enough for cats to get through and climb into the drawers.


They had already started to sneak into the drawers and this wasn’t a problem yet, but I could foresee them crawling in there to nest in her clean blankets or hiding in there until I close the door for her nap and then using the opportunity to meow loudly, snuggle, pounce…you get the idea. It would look something like this:

We brainstormed for a while how to block the gap without hindering the functionality of the drawers or permanently damaging or altering the crib, but we couldn’t think of a solution. My handy, creative, problem-solving dad came over and took one glance at it and knew what to do. He would build a box that would fit snuggly under the crib against the wall to block the back entrance to the drawers. A few days later, voila! Problem solved! Thanks handy-dad.


Fits perfectly and is invisible from afar!


Now the blankets can stay cat hair free and there won’t be any cat sneak attacks! (The blankets on the right were knitted for me when I was born, and the one on the left was made by Amanda!)

Cute baby face

We had our 3D ultrasound on Friday and we got our first peek of our little girl’s cute baby face, and boy is she CUTE! It only makes me more anxious to see her little face in person and pinch those adorable little baby cheeks. She was being a little coy, she had her hands curled around her face almost the whole time we were watching her, but we did get a couple of sneak peaks. The things you see right under her face are her elbows, because her hands were down around her face. I can’t stop looking at her picture and I am so excited that in 9 more weeks (or less!) I will get to see that adorable face in person.