My Amaryllis

My mom gave me this onion-like Amaryllis bulb with very simple directions. I planted it and it’s been growing several inches every day. When we left for Colorado we were afraid it would bloom and die before we could get back to see it, but when we returned it was in it’s full glory! We also thought it was going to be white, but it is bright red!


Sol and Brittany: decade in review


-We met at CSUMB on our first day of college in August, 2001

-We met lots of our best friends and became close friends with each other

-Our dorm 208 floods

-free aquarium days

-Brittany’s first trip to Weed

-We worked at the Gap together

-Catalyst concerts


– We team up in science class on the Mega Tsunamis

-Brittany moves to Hawaii for the summer, Sol stays in the dorms but looks forward to regular postcards from Hawaii

-Kelp kraze

-We became best friends

-Sol moves back to Weed in November, 2002

-We realize we are in love December, 2002, and start a winter of courting during visits in Mt. Shasta, Monterey and Sacramento

-Brittany starts working for CSUMB admissions as a tour guide


-We are officially a couple

-Sol moves to Florida from 2/03-4/03 then comes back to live in Monterey

-Brittany becomes a CSUMB orientation leader

-Sol enrolls back at CSUMB for fall as the Student Activity center program director

-We go on regular camping, hiking and beach excursions to Big Sur

-Brittany moves off campus to Sunbay apartments


-Brittany and Amanda live together on Antietam

-Brittany and her family go to Tahiti

-Amanda graduates and moves to So Cal

-Brittany moves in with Kyle on Edde Ct.

-Amanda moves back in with Brittany and Kyle on Edde Ct. after leaving So Cal

-Sol gets “Tiger” his black golf

-We adopt our first pet, Kona kitty

-Sol becomes a serious student, earning straight A’s

-We spent Thanksgiving in Pismo beach with family

-Sol lives with Hannah and Alex

-We spent our anniversary partying in San Francisco


-Brittany graduates from CSUMB with a bachelor’s degree in Liberal Studies after finishing capstone thesis and earning straight A’s

-Kyle graduates and moves back to PVille- Jon, Sol and Alex move in to Edde Ct. with Amanda and I

-We spend a month in Oahu on what is known as the “best date ever”, with visits from Todd, Ryan and Kelley

-Brittany starts substitute teaching in Salinas, Seaside, Monterey and Carmel and applying to grad school


-Amanda and Jon move out of Edde, Mason and Joe move in with Alex, Sol and I

-Brittany substitutes through the end of the school year and then nannies for the summer

-Brittany starts grad school at UCSC to get her masters degree and teaching credential

-We move out in to our first very own apartment on Yorktown ct.

-We adopt Sylvester

-Brittany starts student teaching in Watsonville

-Sol begins his senior year of HCOM and starts his capstone

-Sol cuts off his trademark long locks

-We celebrate our anniversary on a Mendocino trip

-Sol visits his Hasidic family in Crown Heights, NY

-We take our first Vegas trip for Kelley’s 21st birthday

-Sol gets a job for Firiano motors and starts wrenching on Ferraris

-We spend a lot of time bonding at the gorge in Big Sur


-We go to Costa Rica for Tahoe and Shoshana’s wedding

-Kelley and Roger get engaged in March

-Sol graduates from CSUMB with his bachelors degree

-Brittany graduates from UCSC with her masters in Education and multiple subject and art teaching credentials

-We say goodbye to Monterey after 6 years and move to an apartment in Folsom

-We both start “real” job interviews, Brittany spends the summer in the UCSC quarry finishing her thesis

-Brittany gets a job at the Buckeye Union School district in July and starts 5th grade in August

-Sol starts working at Bisco in sales, a management training program

-We adopt Zeus in May, right before we move from Monterey

-We get engaged on October 18th, 2007- the same night as Amanda and Jon!

-Yehudah and Shaina get married in December


-Kelley’s wedding shower

-Kelley and Brittany’s Vegas bachelorette party

-Kelley and Roger’s wedding

-Mark and Lindsey’s wedding

-Brittany’s first year of teaching ends

-Our wedding at the Coloma Resort on the summer solstice, June 21st

– Our honeymoon in Grand Cayman, 2 weeks of love and leisure

-Brittany begins her second year of teaching 5th grade at Buckeye- in the middle of a construction zone

-Amanda’s bachelorette party in Hollywood

-Amanda and Jon’s wedding

-Jill and Brandon’s wedding

-trips to O.C. to see the Smiths

-Bianca graduates!

-Buckeye’s 150th anniversary celebration

-In April, we moved to a bigger more awesome house in Cameron Park


-Celebrated our first Valentine’s day as a married couple

-Brittany finished her 2nd year of teaching 5th grade and recieved tenure

-Sol got offered a promotion in his company which required him to move to San Jose which he denied, and then left the company

-We celebrated our 1st wedding anniversary together camping in the beautiful spot we got married

-Kyle and Stephanie’s wedding

-Sol went to Kyle’s Bodega Bay bachelor party

-Brittany went to Leslie’s bachelorette houseboat trip and Ladiespalooza girls weekend

-Leslie and Casey’s wedding

-Brittany starts teaching 7th and 8th grade Art at Rolling Hills Middle School

-Sol starts grad school at UCF in Sacramento to recieve his MFT, Masters in Family Therapy

-Sol starts substitute teaching

-We go camping, A LOT!

-Brittany gets addicted to yoga

-Brittany takes art classes at night through FLC

-We go to Weed twice to visit Rivkah

-We take an 8 day trip to Colorado for a family Christmas in Denver and snowboarding in Breckenridge


We can’t wait to see what the next decade will bring for us!!

-Brittany and Sol

the maiden voyage of the kickasserole dish

The first dish made in the Kamman kickasserole dish was DELICIOUS! Sol made Amanda’s yummy and easy enchiladas. They were so good, it would be a crime for me not to share the recipe.

1 – store-bought rottiserie chicken

1/2 cup chopped cilantro

1 yellow onion

1/2 lemon

shredded cheese

TJ’s Enchilada sauce

Corn tortillas

Tear off bite size pieces of chicken and put in a bowl with cilantro, onion and some handfuls of cheese.  Mix this all together with some garlic salt, lemon, and cumin.  Heat some corn tortillas in the microwave to make them soft then stuff with the mixture and roll. Then you just put in baking dish, cover with sauce and cheese and bake at 35o for about 35 min.  I like to bake it covered for the first 25 min then take the foil off, if you do this make sure to spray some cooking spray on the foil – this makes it so that the cheese on the top won’t stick to your foil.

strange phenomenon

There is an outside version of each one of our indoor cats, an outside-Kona, outside-Sylvester and outside-Zeus. They hang out in our yard and confuse our cats constantly. They often sit and stare at each other. Sol and I have even written a song called “Kona vs. Kona” about Kona and her outside doppelgänger. Here is rare evidence of the inside-outside cat phenomenon.